Ramir Claude King.


He likes to scribble stanzas, paragraphs and sentences wherever and whenever his mind starts to grind something that goes into his consciousness. He travels if health permits and stays at home if the privilege doesn’t warrant a far-flung respite. An island hopping wanderer, at times. A refined sightseer. Mysterious during high school days. Straightforward and definite in college. He retired from work and went into blogging as his past time. He was genuine  but sneaky in his job. He loves singing and cooks as well. His drinking  and love for foods made him reconsider  consuming much. Stents unshackled him from risky HBP.   Regular consultations make him stay away a bit from costly hospital bills but not in his  medication. Today, he is healthy but, he has to stay away from foods detrimental to his condition.

He’s a little bit Asian with percentages of Spanish blood.




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