A Life

a series of cloaked feelings burst in open air not fully understood why the wham means care . intrusive though it seems it opens many sealed windows i feel the key of my childhood dreams to live a life as happy as it goes ____________________ Advertisements


there were times when i wanted to cry moments when i wanted to bid goodbye feelings i felt sometimes made me think and asked why night was the time made it the master of my soul cleared to ascertain my mind and made a choice weighed well before a decision became a noise ———-


baked under the sun parched by time no longer a moisture holder remembering yesteryear’s laughter pods breaking in two seeds falling on grounds new life will eventually spring celebratory bells will ring age come fort to tell stories of uneven length ends have withered and fall others remained standing tall ________________


as i stroll the roads of dreams arenas of shows seem unclear obscure depiction of characters wrecked diary now in cheers deep in the dark of slumber epilogues are born in small numbers nearing the edge of every story  the sun waits for another glory ——————–


i took a glimpse of the advancing next stripped it naked and see the meaty text there were biographies and dusty histories written all over the insides of mysteries papers and pens were strewn everywhere hurried writings were evident and kept somewhere if the present time existed then books of letters were few and remembered… Read More Rebirth


pink petals are aglow under the shining sun other buds still await to burst open to tan . neighboring ambient floras sway to the painter wind whenever and wherever the stroke of the brush may tint . there goes the blank canvass now full of dancing colors daubers of the environment hue abstractions of covers… Read More Daubers


. . precious stones, glass and pearls beads, pendants, and strands anklets, toe rings and bangles . plated in gold, bronze and silver necklaces, nose rings and trinkets earrings, Lavalliere, carcanets . worn as ornaments of beauty make humans to be admired to be adored and glorified . but do they make a step and… Read More Ornaments